HP wanted to begin a dialogue with fashion-conscious working women. Rather than just "dress up" their current campaign, we wanted to do something extra special to get these women's attention.

We decided to partner with a designer and create a centerpiece for our entire conversation: a limited edition designer laptop. We reached out to Vivienne Tam, a household name in the US with a strong base in core HP markets like China and fashion-forward Japan. Ms. Tam also designs her own textiles, which was integral to this project.

We teased the partnership with print but it wasn't until Fashion Week itself that Vivienne revealed the Vivienne Tam Mini notebook during her show. Riding that buzz we took the conversation online. Tageted interactive expandable units rather than lost-in-space micro sites ensured we garnered attention.

The launch was a huge success. Over 100,000,000 online impressions we made and the product sold out in just 10 business days.